Switching specialties

  1. Are there any companies or hospitals that would actually train a traveler in a new specialty? I am M/S and REALLY want to do L&D, but if I have to go back to being a staff nurse to learn this I would take a tremendous cut in pay.
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  3. by   ERRNTraveler
    No, a travel company or hospital will not train a traveler in a new specialty. You will only get 1-2 days of orientation as a traveler, and that is not enough time to learn a specialty like L&D. The hospital is hiring a traveler because they need staff RIGHT AWAY. Hospitals pay top dollar for travelers because they expect that the traveler will be fully competent in their specialty. They are not going to pay top dollar for someone who needs 2-3 months of training.... If you want to do L&D, you'll have to train as a regular staff nurse for 1-2 years before you can travel as an L&D nurse.