Recommended companies?`

  1. I've been looking through the threads and see a few companies people have used, some positive then the same companies have negatives posts as well. Can anyone recommend companies that pay competitively and disclose specifics about the assignment so you're not surprised with your contract?
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  3. by   Lindsay42
    A RN I know highly recommended American Mobile. I'd love more recommendations though!
  4. by   debizrn
    RN Demand.......they are great,,,, I have traveled with several different companies but this one is tops:spin:
  5. by   jaded_nurse
    I work with Access Nurses. I havent had a singe compliant, everything they said they would do, they have done. My recruiter is amazing and checks in weekly and my travel liason does the same. Id love to hear about everyone elses company.
  6. by   maritimegirl
    I'm with Medical them, they've been great.