questions for travelers

  1. how is your new nursing license verified by your agency?
    who does your drug testing? your agency or the faciltiy that you are contracted for?
    how does your agency handle your identification? for example, the employment eligibility form. since you are not meeting face to face with the agency, how do they know that you are who you say you are?
    thank you for helping me with the questions
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  3. by   naskippy
    My nursing license was verified by me sending them copies of the license and they called the State Board of those states to verify.

    I have worked with 2 agencies. They set up the drug testing for you and tell you where to go be tested. Sometimes they send you the drug testing kit by mail, sometimes the site they send you to has their own. Also, the hospitals will do their own drug testing once you arrive in some you are tested twice for that assignment.

    Identification is done by sending copies of your drivers license, passport if you have one, social security card, and licenses.