Parkway Regional Medical Center?

  1. Hi everyone,
    I'm planning on traveling back to North Miami Beach, FL in Dec '06 and looking for work close to my home. Wondering if anyone has worked at Parkway Regional ER. I used to work there about 2 years ago before moving to St Croix, USVI. I heard that Jackson Memorial Hosp is buying them out and was wondering if aanyone knew what their per diem rates were now. It used to about $38/hr with 401K benefits. Has anyone traveled there/worked there?
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  3. by   nsgshortage
    Parkway Hospital is a ghetto hospital. Run by mean, dishonest people.
    The former OB/Maternity services is the 666.
  4. by   nsgshortage
    The former director of Maternity/Child is a devil. Don't go there. I hear she is now in case management. :angryfire