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  1. Hello! I have recently become extremely interested in traveling to NYC. I have never traveled before and have a million questions, but most of the NYC posts I could find on here were pretty outdated. First of all, I have heard from a couple of people that most if not all hospitals in NYC require prior travel experience. Anyone know if there is truth to this? I have been a pediatric heme/onc nurse for 4+ years and have been BMT certified for the last 6 months. Being so specialized, I also wonder if this could harm my chances of finding a job. Anyone have any helpful advice/suggestions/previous experience they can share?
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  3. by   NedRN
    Hospitals that use lots of travelers often require prior travel experience. Even there there will be exceptions for crisis needs. No traveler will know first hand about every area hospital. A better source than us would be agencies.

    About agencies, that old info is probably still current. One agency, could be American Mobile but who I think is Cross Country, has a large number of 'exclusive" contracts. Other agencies can still staff them but as subcontractors. White Glove is a local agency who does travel contracts. They should know the market welll.