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  1. Do I have any chance of being a NICU traveler? I have been a nurse for about 10 years. I started out in PICU, did a travel assignment on a peds transplant floor, and then did peds ED. Now I have been working in a level IV NICU for the last (almost) 5 months. When I worked in the PICU and when I traveled I would get floated to the NICU. Do you think there is ANY chance I could get a NICU travel assignment? I'm really enjoying the NICU but am needing to move and was thinking of exploring more! Help. Also, who do you recommend for as a travel company or recruiter? <3
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  3. by   ChrisMMS
    Hello Mellyreid,

    Generally you are going to need 1-2 years of experience in your specialized field for a facility to offer you a travel contract in said field.