New to TRAVEL NRSG: From Canada wanting HAWAII

  1. Hi my name is Misty, I am new to this site. I am an RN in emerg and have been there for nearly one year. I have been reading about travel nursing on this fourm and it sounds like there is alot of useful information available. I am wanting to try travel nursing in the new year once I have been in emerg for a year. I am looking for a short assignment in Hawaii. I was wondering if any one has been there and can recommend any hospitals and any travel recruiter companies. BTW I have already written and passes my nclex and applied for a visa screen. Is there any other prep I should do?
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  3. by   suzanne4
    Most reputable agencies, as well as facilities want 2 years of experience for a specialty area.

    I am also going to move your thread to the Travel Forum as you will get more responses there.
  4. by   nurse_misty
    I was thinking of applying for med/surg oppose to emerg for travel nursing. Do you think that would be ok?