Los Angeles Children's contract

  1. I am just curious what some of you guys think about these rates that I was quoted for Los Angeles Children's..... Keep in mind I would mostly be doing weekends and it's nights (and the recruiter claims there is NO shift diffs offered by the hospital... which seems strange)

    $18/hr for first 12 hours = 216
    $27/hr for the last 4 hours= 108
    $245/wk tax free
    $500 tax-free travel allowance

    Free PPO health and dental

    If housing stipend is used: 2200/month

    Any feedback is appreciated... This is my first assignment and I just want to make sure I am not being taken advantage of.
    Thanks guys
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  3. by   Enfermera85
    opps.... meant $18/hr for the first 8 hours
  4. by   dimplechinRN
    If my calculations are right and you take the housing stipend it would be roughly $1767/week based on 36hrs but granted I did not take out taxes on the taxable wages. This amount in SOCAL seems about right. I just did a 4 week contract in SOCAL (Thousand Oaks about 20min from LA) and my overall weekly was roughly the same.