leaving the US

  1. do any of you folks know of any agencys that can take you out of the US for nursing assignments ?
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    I will be surprised. Where are you looking at? may want to post in the International forum. If wanting to work in another country you generally have to meet their requiremetns for RN
  4. by   onlyNamerica
    I am making plans to go to Australia to live and work for 2yrs. Internet search travel nursing Australia. There is a lot of preparation involved. you have to get a passport, work visa, and apply for certification in the country you are going to be working in . Takes time. Also you may want to look into getting an overseas banking account set up before you go. It makes it easier for your paychecks to get deposited etc.
  5. by   Chica_bella813
    Continentniel Nurses were taking US nurses and placing them in Scotland and UK. They had a great need for nurses in Edinburgh, Scotland. Check them out.
  6. by   sissib
    I understand Worldwide Nurses does international travel placements.