Is this a good company or am I in trouble?

  1. I spoke with RN Demand travel agency, everything offered sounded nice....but are they just like the rest out there....liars and crooks?
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  3. by   nightingale
    I am not familiar with RN Demand. Most recruiters at the different agencies, work on commission or financial compensation. Sometimes the motivation is too tempting and some do become dishonest. Hopefully, dishonest recruiters and agencies do not last.

    The beauty of this website, is we can discuss pros and cons of the various Agencies out there. What is beneficial to one may not be to another Traveler or Agency Nurse. Knowledge is Power.

    Please do not post recruiter info on AllNurses. This is our policy. Normally I do not like to post a public statement like this. Sorry if it distracts from the query about this Agency. If you need assistance with further info regarding this, feel free to PM me.

    Happy posting.
  4. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    Not all agencies are "liars and crooks."

    I have been lied to by some, but treated well by others.