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  1. I'm planning on taking a travel assignment in Los Angelas and wondering if any other travelers out there have any hospitals that you would recommend working at? Or if there are any hospitals to avoid. Thank you!
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  3. by   8-ball
    I can only speak for one but Kaiser LAMC on sunset was horrible. They treat staff like complete garbage. Made me want to quit travel. Only positive is you can work all the OT you want. Pay isn't enough though to make up for housing cost. The staff would have potluck and put a sign "no travelers" in the break room so you had to eat your lunch and watch them eat good food. Also no teamwork there at all.
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  5. by   Gary Mendoza
    Kaiser has a history of treating travelers unfairly. I would say peruse Facebook for the travel nursing groups and ask around. The travel nursing world is small and we love to share our experiences.
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    I just don't get it.