Hawaii travel - what's the scoop?

  1. This summer I had a kidney tumor that kept me hospitalized . I barely went outside, and now it's fall (and cold)enguin: . I want to be in a place where I can get my summer back! I must tell you... friends, I am pretty broke right now. But I have experience in ICU for both adults and kids and am ready to go back to workumpiron: . I want a travel assignment in Hawaii.

    I am looking for an agency that pays WELL, provides housing, and I wanna car while I'm there! :wink2: It seems like many agencies will "reimburse", but I have no $$. Also, my fiance wants to go with me. Is that OK with agencies?

    PLEASE, PM me with an agency that you have enjoyed or heard is good. I don't mean to appear to sound greedy, but I want some good benefits for a change.


    Thank you friends
    Kelly RN, CCRN
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