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  1. hello all, i have been away for awhile now, but i'm happy to have returned. this may seem like spam, but i hope it isnt taken that way. this is for all of the travelers/contract healthcare people out there. if you are on facebook, i started a group a couple months ago called traveling medical professionals, and just wanted to throw up a link to it if you are interested. we are a growing community of travelers of every discipline of medicine, from lab, nursing, respiratory, radiology, etc! the main goal of the group is to give travelers a place to congregate, share experiences and network with each other about every aspect of traveling. the discussion boards host threads for every state, so you can discuss your past travel experiences, evaluations of travel companies, and we now have many recruiters posting their available positions and contact information as well. so come and check it out, and join. thank you, and happy safe travels!

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