Endorsement Requirements For Nm

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    Anyone know what the licence by endorsement requirements are for NM? I know I need verify with NURSYS, but not sure if I need to get fingerprints and transcripts from school if I am applying for a temp licence. I called the NM nursing board and looked up the web site, but no one called back and its not clear what the requirements are for a temp license. Has anyone worked at Presbyterian in Albuquerque? Opinions? Thanks Suzanne
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  3. by   maritimegirl
    I just recently went through New Mexico licensure...you do need fingerprints done, but I didn't need my transcripts. I sent them the application & fee, 2 fingerprint cards, a fingerprint certificate form, a notarized release of information form ( you can print them off the website) , a separate cheque or money order for $31.00 to NM Dept. of public safety to have the fingerprints processed, and the nursys verification form. I received verification of my temporary licence via e-mail within a week. Hope this helps.
  4. by   suzyjudy007
    Thank You, Much Appreciated!