does any travel compay travel for LTC

  1. I am just wondering if any travel companys do LTC with contracts and all the usual travel benfits.
    i work med surg and LTC most of the travel assingments are med surg. havent found a company that does LTC. does anyone know?
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  3. by   IdahoNurse
    Try this a google search of AedonStaffing.
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  4. by   nightingale
    You will find, many, if not most, Agencies will have options for LTC. It provides a full spectrum of services. It is limiting for them not to have this option.

    It depends on what you want, where you want to go, etc...

    Try posting your resume, for free, here at AllNurses (top right toggle selection under jobs and resumes). Here is a link:

    Post a Free Resume

    Good luck to you and let us know how you make out.
  5. by   fish24hours
    Try Aureus Medical they used to and they are in the top ten agency listings.

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