1. Hey guys........was wondering if anyone has traveled to Boston.....if so, name of hosp??? anyother info would be greatly appreciated!!! pay, housing, if you like the hospital..etc. THANKS!!!!!!:wink2:
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  3. by   suzyjudy007
    I am from suburbs of Boston. Never worked at the hosps in Boston, but know plenty of nurses who have. The pay is in the 40's, lots of hosps to choose from. Mostly all large buzy teaching hospitals. Rent is very very expensive. Expect to pay 1400-1600 a month for a room. If the agency is going to find housing for you, prbly won't be in Boston proper, but half hour to 45 mins away in less expensive suburbs. Parking is very difficult and will cost you in Boston. Public transportation is excellent on the T. Lots of cultural stuff to do. Any questions, feel free to email me and good luck. Suzanne