albuquerque pet friendly housing for travel nurse?

  1. Can you all tell me where you have been housed in Albuquerque that you feel is nice housing?
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  3. by   btraveler
    Sorry, I don't know of any. But I have a friend who lives in Albuquerque, he might know. But I have a couple of other questions for you...which hospital are you working at in ABQ? Which company do you work for?
    and what is your speciality? I am looking to work in ABQ to visit my friend.......thanks.
  4. by   heygurlhey
    Hope this isnt too late..

    I am a traveler living in Presidio Apartments in the Northeast Heights area of town. Really nice apartment and lots of other residents have animals. I have to pay a small pet rent for my cat. Theres also a great park across the street. Highly reccommend it!