ALASKA in Winter

  1. Looking to begin traveling soon-destination Alaska. Location was first Barrow, then Bethel, then Nome. Well Barrow would only take RN's. I am working with two separate agencies to attain my goal of Alaska nursing. I plan on relocating their and wanted to try a winter assignment. I am very familiar with freezing temperatures and a lot of snow. Unfortunately, I no longer live in the North. I have been in Texas for quite some time. I have completed all the paperwork for the agencies, but it seems that the facilities that need the staff aren't replying to their need. I have been left frustrated since I started this. I am a LVN right now and will be getting my RN mid 2006. I was hoping not to have to wait, as I am very dissatisfied with current working situation in Texas. Specifically in the field of long-term care.
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    Wow, Katmai, we may end up working together! Are you leaving soon? I'm an RN, BSN. Med-Surg/Ortho. My original post is above. Good luck!