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Travel Nursing

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I am a nursing student and will graduate in May 08. I have always wanted to be a travel nurse. Could someone tell me the things to look for in a travel agencey and what to expect? The places that are good to go to? How much experience is needed prior to traveling?

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I think you will find for travel nursing you will need a certain amount of post grad experience like 1 -2 years experience before you will be accepted for travel nursing


There is much to learn and read here on this forum. I would focus on getting a job and getting good experience under your belt. You should pick an area that you are interested in, not one that you think will make it easier to get a travel assignment.

You need to have good, solid expereince under you before you even consider a travel contract. I always recommend that you try doing a few per diem agency shifts in your locale to see how you like it before picking up and moving to another area of the country.

Best of luck to you.

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