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travel nurse business

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Hi, so Ive been a travel nurse for awhile now. Im a med-surg nurse with 14 years experience. Im currently at a hospital that use travelers a lot. Ive done several contracts with them under the travel angency that I work for. Yesterday I was talking with the manager that handles the contracts and she says to me... why don't you start your own company since you been with us for so long. Maybe I should... Any thoughts?.....

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You should. Cut out the middle man and pocket the extra money.

Absolutely! You are in a perfect spot to do that. I've been an travel agency of one for 11 years now and there is no going back.

There isn't much involved in starting your own agency and with the contracts person you can likely figure it out. If you can't, Google my screen name and FAQ and you will find a how to resource.