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Trauma Nurse Coordinator


Specializes in Pediatric Emergency Medicine.

Chnages are here for Arkansas Hospitals !!!! With the goverment taxing cigs to fund our new Trauma system, Arkansas will finally have designated Trauma Centers..... Thank God!!! :heartbeat:heartbeat

But here is my problem.... I have been asked to get this started at my hospital , but there has NEVER been a trauma Nurse Coordinator, so I am literally starting from the ground up ...

I need information on grant funding, job description , salary, the Trauma registry etc..... etc.....

I have a fax number that I can disclose on private email .....



Specializes in Psychiatry, Medical/Surgical, Trauma. Has 7 years experience.

I would email or call up to my former employers at University of Maryland/ R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center is. Thats where traumatology got started. One of my good friends and mentors is a nursing coordinator there, they would probably be able to hook you up with the right info on getting your coordinator position rolling. Good luck!


Specializes in EMERGENCY. Has 5 years experience.

the emergency nurse association could probably help too or at least get you connected with the right people.. www.ena.org

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