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Trauma level 1 or trauma level 3?


Specializes in Burn/ICU/Pediatrics. Has 3 years experience.

So I currently work on the burn unit at a major trauma level 1 teaching hospital and have cross training to SICU. I have the opportunity to work in SICU full time here, and I also just got a call for an interview at a smaller trauma level 3 hospital with a 16 bed mixed ICU. My goal is to be accepted to CRNA school in the next couple years. My question is how much does it matter if I take the level 3 job over the level 1? And does a "mixed ICU" work for or against me? The reason I'm so conflicted is because the level 3 hospital will pay me almost 20k more a year. I'm willing to stay where I am and just move to the SICU full time if that's more worth it experience wise.

Thank you in advance for your input!

Shanneliz SRNA, BSN

Specializes in SRNA. Has 4 years experience.

Most schools I’ve looked into prefer level 1 trauma centers 100%. I know the pay difference sucks but if your end goal is CRNA school I would stick to level 1. I got accepted to a school and I was an alternate and I was in a level 2