Transitioning from LTC to Acute


Anyone out there have any words of wisdom that has transferred from LTC setting to an acute care? I am moving from an inner-city LTC facility, 150 beds, 40-50 on 1, ROUGH faculty and staff, very hostile environment, questionable quality of care at times, left me with a lot of stress and anxiety about the residents and their well-being.

New environment is a tiny rural hospital, not sure how many beds, but definitely cozy looking from what I can see, only 4 ICU beds for sure, Med-Surg is bigger.

The transition is making me a little shaky:eek: if you know what I mean. Just looking for any useful advice. ;)

xtxrn, ASN, RN

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It's a different kind of busy, since you will have more direct care besides meds and treatments, and more intense assessments. And, families are around more in acute care (not that LTC doesn't have families:) ). It will take some time to get your own routine down. When I graduated, I worked LTC/SNF- had 30-60 residents (depending if eves or nights). When I went to acute care (neuro) and had 14 patients on nights, I thought I was in heaven- then it hit the fan! THere were nights when I wouldn't see my co-worker (yep= only one other RN for 28 beds) until 2-3 a.m. I went between LTC, acute, and some form of psych for the 19 years I was able to work- and I loved all of them. :)