Transferring to NYU through a cc program


Hey Guys, Hope all is well. Next year around spring time I finally put my application through for NYU. I'm currently in a scholarship program at my school and in a pool for a scholarship that covers around 50%. I just wanted to see what are your thoughts on these credentials and what I can possibly do to sell myself better. (Also tips on how to bring up my GPA)

3.79 GPA taking advanced science courses

( Organic Chemistry I,II, Microbiology, A&P I II, and also taking advanced writing courses such as ENG303)

Participating in a Research Project for my schools BARS Symposium

Interned at my local hosptial (NYPHQ)

Beginning to work in the wet-lab laboratories over at Mt.Sinai

Volunteered for three years at a non-profit organization as well as being proactive in my community (I have a bunch of letters of acknowledgement and can easily get more)

Thoughts comments concerns? I'm really busting my chops trying to look for any and all opportunity to improve myself. I come from a pretty poor family and this may be my only chance accomplish my dreams.

Your stats are good, I've heard from NYU nursing students that recommendations an essays are heavily weighed.


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I think you are already doing above and beyond.