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Transferring nursing license from Texas to Arizona

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Hi, I currently hold Texas nursing license. I am planning to move to Arizona for a new job starting March. I was looking up information about transferring nursing license because I am moving to Arizona permanently (my primary residence will be Arizona).

When can I apply license endorsement? Can I apply before getting an address in Arizona or getting Arizona driver license?

And anyone knows how long generally endorsement takes?

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Snails pace. I applied for my Arizona license endorsement on 12/20/18 and as of today (2/4/19) it's still pending.  I called to check the status and was told it usually takes 30 days, but they are behind so it's taking more like 45 days.  They suggested I "give it another week or 2".  

Since I just relocated here in November, I have an Arizona address but not a driver license yet.  I don't see why you would need that prior to applying.  The application accepts various forms of ID. Besides, I know a few travelers here who have neither and are licensed and working.

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