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Transferring to New State? Difficult or Easy?

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I have recently accepted a position on an intermediate Unit at a large hospital in my city.  We will see Observation patients and ED overflow.  I know I will see a wide array of patients on this unit and learn a lot.  I am really excited to start and build my RN platform.  This was the first job to offer me a position so I accepted it without really looking around. I have heard the staff was very welcoming and great to work with. 

After gaining experience, I was considering moving to Texas.  I have always wanted to move to Houston, Texas.  I love it.  I also really like cardiac units.  (I was unable to land a job in our cardiac units at my hospital.  I was a little bummed about it, but very grateful that I did get offered another position).  What I want to know is:  Is it "difficult" to be a nurse in a new state?  How difficult would it be to try and apply for a more specialized intermediate unit, like Cardiac Care?  

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