transferring to Fairleigh Dickinson

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I moved to NJ from a different state recently, so I still don't know much about nursing schools in this area.

A friend of mine actually recommended FDU to me since I wanted to commute to school from my house.

I have completed 2 years of university and have finished all the pre reqs (A's and B's).

My cumulative GPA is 3.68.

I have some hospital work/volunteer experience, if it makes any difference.

I know nursing programs are generally tough to get into, but do I have any good chance getting in to FDU?

I would really appreciate if you could recommend me other good programs that I have a good chance of getting in.


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FDU is a good school and you should be able to get in but just beware that it is expensive because it is private. There are lots of nursing schools to look into like Seton Hall, Rutgers, Felician and St. Peter's. I just applied to all of them and once I received my acceptance letters I weighed my options and chose the one I thought best. Good luck where ever you decide to go.