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Transferring EduKan to GA Nursing Schools?



I posted a thread in the general forum months ago and realized no one in GA probably saw it =)

Anyway, I am looking to apply to KSUs and GSUs accelerated programs in the Spring for next fall 2010 programs, and GPC, Dalton, and UWG as alternates. I have a bachelors in Psych and am trying to take the rest of my prereqs online from Afghanistan and having some trouble finding the correct courses.

I have been doing alot of researching here and on other sites and found EduKan where they offer online labs for the A & P and Chem pre-reqs. I can take the proctored exams on base, but finding the lab to take online has been difficult. It looks like the online GPC courses I was planning on are only the class portion for 3 credits, no lab.

Has anyone else taken courses at EduKan and been able to transfer them to KSU or any other GA Nursing college?


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