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Transfering License

Ianxcom Ianxcom (New) New

So i decided i want to move to Colorado. Im currently a new nurse working in the Los Angeles area. How do i get my license registered in CO. Just send their BRN the fee? :confused:

Edit: Ok i think i found the answer. I send in a new application with the fee, background check and probably other stuff. Correct me if im wrong.

Contact the CO BON and apply for reciprocity.

There is no such thing as reciprocity between licenses, only the NCLEX exam has it. You are going to need to apply to CO and use the License by Endorsement procedure, providing that you do have a license number assigned to you by CA.

You will not be transferring a license, but getting an additional one. The CA license will be valid until you no longer renew it and it expires; but you do not give it up when you get the new one.

Sorry, Suzanne's right, I mean endorsement, not reciprocity. That's an old word.

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