Transfer or start new job?


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I'm currently an LPN on a LTC floor at a nursing home. However, since I am going to become an RN in May, I want to gain more experience. Thus, I asked my director of nursing to be transferred to the TCU/rehab floor, where there is so much more to do.

However, it's been almost an entire week since I've requested, and she still hasn't gotten back to me. In the meantime, I applied to another place that's a rehab hospital, and they were very interested in hiring me over a phone interview.

So now I'm kind of stuck. Do I keep waiting on my DoN while this other potential job could get lost? Help! 😞

Lynker, LPN

Specializes in LTC, Rehab. Has 2 years experience.

So an update, my job told me I can be transferred to the TCU after Covid is over, which I doubt will be soon. I'm going to take this other job, which is one day a week at a rehab hospital. A little less pay, but that's okay. The job basically fell right into my lap. The experience I will get here will be much better than LTC. I'm nervous juggling it with school, but I'm also super excited for a new adventure!!