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Transfer into 2nd semester which one Rose state vs. Redlands

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I have had personal problems and had to repeat first semester and missed 2nd semester by 2 points so I cannot go back to OSUOKC

tryed to transfer to OCCC but the lady seemed to not like me and already knew she was not going to accept my skills so I can only enter OCCC as a first semester.

So that meant I had to sit out fall 12 cuz I missed all the app deadlines so I got my AUA at Francis Tuttle. I drug my ass and had a lot of financial stress so I did not make deadlines for Rose and took the TEAS for Redland but the math and chemistry part is hard as hell, I mean hard major college algebra and deep chemistry. I thought it was going to be easy like the HESI so I took the last test of the year. Redlands has accepted me but I have to make a 65 on the TEAS (HAHA- gotta do some real studying)

so here I am feeling like a looser

what do you guys think - I am accepted to Redlands so should I just accept that or should I try for Rose.

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