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Transcript cost for TEAS test!!!


OK I just had to request to have my TEAS results sent to two different schools. The man on the phone told me the cost is $20 PER transcript and that they don't mail it to the schools they actually email it :eek:. I can't believe that I had to pay $40 to have two emails sent to two different schools! :down: That is just plain old wrong! What has this world come to??? um um um Shakin' my head!

You are not kidding! I have paid that same amount for TEAS transcripts too. Its

ridiculously expensive when they need to be charging a dollar just to email your score .

Some corporations has turned our great America to capitalist all the way.

Its all about making surplus profits!

Seriously I believe emailing your score should be free after paying for your TEAS test.

So true Yercy...I mean who has the audacity to charge a STUDENT (of all poor people) $20 for ONE transcript!!!! It's called legalized robbery...AND your right...Once we pay for the TEAS test we should get the transcripts free or like you said a dollar to send the official to a school...

I hope someone could look into that, u know because

that service does not worth the amt they are charging.Its not justify in anyway.

Just emailing atranscript shouldn't cost that much!