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Home health trach/vent


Mucous plug

Any thoughts??

heron, ASN, RN

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What are yours?


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Always look at your patient first

Ask them to cough

Watch the PIP

Suction until SAT's recover

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You certainly don't overshare....


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You certainly don't overshare....

Didn't have time...patient was desaturating ;)


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I am a little confused at what you were wanting to know/vent here...?

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Sounds like it was an issue. Are you familiar with the bag and instill technique?


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Suction, bag, and/o change trach or if trach has inner cannula, i.e adult trach, change the inner cannula. If mucus plug suspected change that trach. Be sure to follow your agencies protocol and what they told you.

Is anyone else there to help you change that trach?