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TPAPN reports

by RNMSN51 RNMSN51 (Member)

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Now that I am working, are my online monthly reports now quarterly? What about meeting attendance records, are those to still be filed monthly as well? I thought I read somewhere that once you start working, reports are quarterly. So I'm confused. Thanks for your help.

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Report monthly. My contract says after 2 yrs dont have to submit meetings but if requested must produce. Quarterly employer report. Peace.


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I would recommend asking your case manager to make sure.

I'm coming up on 3 years and I have been submitting monthly self reports and meeting attendance records. I think after submitting your 90/90 you just need to keep paper copies of attendance, but I'm paranoid. I submit employer and therapist reports quarterly. I would ask your advocate or case manager just to be safe.