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I need to write a change theory paper dealing some aspect of the educator role. I have been looking through the posts to get a few ideas. If anyone has suggestions I would be most grateful. Initially I had thought to use a continuing education topic but would like some more options. Thank you for your input.


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You can look at change in nursing education from several aspects: public opinion and protection of the public thru safe practice; nursing student, nursing instructor, administrators, etc. Change is a new behavior. It is the final outcome, or product. Decide what you want to change then plan an intervention (same as with nursing process). The transition period (between what the person does/knows now versus the outcome, or changed behavior) is the hardest part. Some people adapt better than others. I can see how you could approach change in nursing edcuation from technology changes, older nurses, males and ethnic groups entering the profession, instructors having hard time keeping up with technological advances (online courses)----there is a lot out there when you decide who is the one doing the changing.

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