Took the NCLEX-RN yesterday

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Hello all,

I took the NCLEX-RN yesterday at around noon. My test shut off after 75 questions, which amounted to a total time of around 90 minutes. My test included 22 SATA questions, 1 calculation, and 5 drag/drop in the right order questions (4 of which were maternity/OB oriented, which is my worst subject area).

When that screen turned blue, I think I might have turned a little blue myself! I did the PVT as soon as I got home, and a few times since and have received the "Good pop-up" consecutively. I know there's a million and one posts in regards to this, but does this "trick" still work with some degree of accuracy? I don't think my nerves have settled for a second since I left the testing center yesterday!:arghh:



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I also took the NCLEX yesterday!! I can relate to your pain of worry since then, lol.

I also had about 20 SATA, but no math, or any other alternate format questions. My test shut off after question #83, which is a weird number because it sounds like the majority of people either have 75 questions or 265.

I haven't tried the PVT, because apparently it has charged people the $200, even if they DID pass... And those people couldn't get their money back. I would rather wait the 48 hours for quick results.

If you were a good student and prepared well, it's very likely that you pass. The majority of people with 75 questions pass. Now, here's to fast forwarding the next 24 hours or so!



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Now, here's to fast forwarding the next 24 hours or so!

Amen to that!

I did the PVT with an unexpired visa gift card with a few bucks left on it, just in case it decided that it wanted to take my $200! I can tell you however, that it really doesn't offer much relief anyways!

A few people who I graduated with have ended their exam on a "weird number" and have ended up passing. One who just took the exam Monday had 263 questions and just found out she passed today!

Longest. 48 hours. EVER!


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Hey, guys? The number of questions you got isn't weird, it is the number by which the computer could determine to a 95% confidence interval that you were either competent or incompetent. Nothing more to read into it than that.

The format of the questions (SATA, drag/drop) or type (math, etc) also means zero, nothing, zipola. Don't look for an answer in how your test was doesn't matter.

If you were educated in the US, and this is your first time at NCLEX, you have a greater than 80% chance at passing. The stats vary every quarter, but...that's close enough.

As for PVT, all you do with repeatedly inputting card information is increasing the likelihood that at some point a charge attempt will be made. As you found out, it doesn't really do anything to ease anxiety and you can bet if you suddenly got "the bad pop up" you won't feel any better! Let it go.

What can you do now? Clean out your closets, donate stuff to charity. Scrub the bathroom. Clear out the pantry of junk you won't eat ever. Take a walk with the dog, take a friend to lunch (and do NOT talk about the danged exam, he/she doesn't want to hear about it, trust me).

Breathe. You'll find out soon :)



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I tested July 21st and I did the PVT. The key is to wait 24 hours, your test has to be reviewed by someone so if you do the PTV before 24 hours it could be incorrect if the person reviewing it changes the results. I passed and I got the good pop up and money was not taken out of my account.