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So I took the nclex pn test today. The test ended after I answered only 120 questions. Is this a good sign? I'm soooo freaking out! The first time I took it I had all 200 questions and failed.

This test gave me lots of select all's and tons of priority questions towards the end before it shut off. Is anyone here from Missouri and tried the BON trick and how long did you wait?

By the way, my name is Tempestt and I'm new here :-) Welcome to my first post-lol!


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have u tried the trick?? Select all that apply are a good sign!! I took it a few weeks ago and EVERY other question was a select all that apply..it shut off at 85 on me!! Best of luck to you!!:)

If you tried the PVT and it was a good pop-up, that is a very good sign. Just remember, it does not really matter how many questions you got, but that you passed the test.

Good luck!