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Took the HORRIBLE NCLEX today...


So, never thought I would actually be posting on this site, but here I am. I have loved all the wonderful posts from everyone, that I have been reading throughout my NCLEX studies.

I started studying for the NCLEX in May 2014, about a week after I graduated. I took the review course my program offered our class and it was the Buszta NCLEX review. It is supposed to be the best in Ohio and people travel from all over the US to take it. I took this course twice, just so the information was fresh in my head until I took the NCLEX.

I originally was scheduled to take the NCLEX August 11th, but bumped it up to August 1st because I was sick of studying and couldn't wait any longer. All my classmates were passing and I felt like I was over studying.

In nursing school, I was always a B student (except one class I got a C). Never a good test taker with horrible anxiety, but managed to push through it and graduate with a nursing degree (ADN) and a exercise science degree (bachelors).

I took the dreaded NCLEX today (August 1st, 2014) and was surprisingly calm until my computer screen went BLACK at around question 20. My foot got caught on the computer power cable and pulled it out of the wall. I was freaking out. I didn't want to fail because of this or have to start over. The TA came in, plugged it back in, started the computer up again and I started where I left off thankfully.

The exam ended for me at around 175-180 questions and took me about 4 hours. I took my time. I thought it was very hard. I had about 12 medications, 1 math, 2 drag and drops, 28 Select All's, but none of the select all's were in groups. Does this mean anything? They were pretty scattered.

I left the exam feeling confused and didn't know what to think. I did the Pearson Vue Trick and got a weird on hold pop-up: "The candidate currently has test results that are on hold. A new registration cannot be created at this time". WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?! Why did I have to get this? My anxiety is going crazy right now. Could it be because of the computer shutting down when the plug was pulled? I don't know what to think?!

If I failed, would I have got the credit card page right away? Is 175-180 a weird number of questions to get? Any advice would be great! Thank you everyone for your awesome support and posts! Praying for the best!

Hi there, I'm thinking that the results are on hold because your computer came unplugged. They will probably review the videos to make sure it wasn't an attempt or something to cheat. They are very picky about stuff like that; getting up without raising your hand..etc. It doesn't mean you passed or failed it just means it's pending review. Good luck! KUP

I'll bet it's on hold because of the plug. I haven't taken mine yet, my friends are passing and I feel like I'm over-studying! Horrible feeling!

Hoping that you passed!!!

Thanks for the quick response guys! I am so anxious right now. I can't even enjoy my weekend not know if I passed or failed. Im staying positive. Ive studied so hard for this. But if I did fail, would I have got the cc page even thought the computer got unplugged?

Keeping fingers crossed i hope you passed :)

They say it's very accurate but not until it's on the BON website will it be 100%.

What is accurate @graduatenurse14?

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From what I understand, you basically had a something happen that likely generated an incident report. This would cause them to have to take a look at the video recording of you taking the exam to ensure that you weren't attempting to cheat. They take test security very seriously and once they've gone through the whole process, they'll release the hold and the PVT will work as it is supposed to.

In other words, the popup you got is simply a "hold" popup. It's neither good nor bad. The "good popup" says something to the effect of "...recently scheduled this exam... Another registration cannot be made at this time." The results won't be on hold and the system won't let you pay for another attempt. If you see a screen that will allow you to enter credit card information, that is usually a bad sign. Don't pay for another attempt until after you receive your Candidate Performance Report.

For now, just kick back and wait. Nothing you do will change the results.

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What is accurate @graduatenurse14?

The PVT is >90% accurate. I suspect that after about 24 hours, it becomes 100% accurate, which would be after the exam is scored the 2nd (and definitive) time.

Only a very small subset of people could have their PVT flip on them from one status to another and those would be people who are very, very close to the pass/fail line when the system shuts off.

So more than likely the cable to the computer being pulled out by my foot. But if I failed, wouldn't they just fail me and not place me on hold?

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So more than likely the cable to the computer being pulled out by my foot. But if I failed, wouldn't they just fail me and not place me on hold?

They have to conclude their investigation before they do anything with your results... such as fail you outright. The reason for this is that they have to be certain that you're not cheating, because if you are, then they would have to begin a different process to bring some kind of sanctions against you.

That kind of thing is so serious that they have to clear or establish it before they move on to the next step in the process as far as releasing anything to anyone outside the testing body.

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I know it is hard but you just have to wait. All the best to you.


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50/50 chance ! Fingers crossed for u!


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I am so sorry for your delay...My palm reading failed when I was leaving so I was put on hold for 24 hours.. I thought I was about to die but the next day it took me straight to the cc page...best of luck..

Here is an update...still on hold. Going crazy. Can't stop thinking about it.


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It's weekend . I think you will know on Monday

Let's hope so. The wait is painful. Hopefully I can do my quick results tomorrow.

It's Monday now, and still no option to pay for quick results and I'm still getting the same pop-up ugh! I don't know what's going on?!