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To be new grad with lots of questions! (Triangle area)

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by NCres17 NCres17 (New Member) New Member

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Hello all!

I am graduating in December of 2016 with my BSN from Belmont University in Nashville, TN!

However, I am planning on moving back to Raleigh, NC which is where I am originally from and where I am still a resident. I have a couple questions that I could use help with.

Will it be easier for me to take the NCLEX in Nashville, get a TN license, and then transfer my license to NC when I move? I've read some things about the NC BON being particularly difficult to manage when coming from an out of state school. Both TN and NC are compact states.

Also I am planning on applying to the major Triangle area hospitals including Duke, UNC, Rex, and Wake Med. These are the ones that I'm thinking of off the top of my head, but let me know if I'm missing any! I want to go into critical care, preferably the CICU or MSICU but am also open to other areas. At the time that I move back I will have had a little over a year experience as a tech at an HCA facility in Nashville on an Ortho unit. I did have my CNA1 in North Carolina but will not have had used it since Summer '15. My GPA at the end of the semester will be around a 3.5 and I'm a member of Sigma Theta Tau, the nursing honor society. I'm wondering how likely it will be that I will get hired at one of these hospitals!

Thanks guys!

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mmc51264 has 7 years experience and works as a RN.

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They are all hiring, not sure about new grad stuff. As far as the NCBON issues, that is more for doing an online program out of state. I may be wrong, but if you finish your program and pass the NCLEX in a compact state, you should be good to go here.

The BSN will help you. It is becoming a MUST here. They just had an open house hiring fair at Duke last week. Apply to them all!

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froggy93 has 4 years experience.

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I started at UNC this past October as a new grad. Let me know if you have any questions !

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