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To NCLEX or not to NCLEX?


Graduated nursing school in May..

STILL waiting for eligibility and Interim permit from boards (applied 4/6/15)

im ALSO set to move to Japan for 3 years on July 16th..

I really really want to take my boards before I leave.. And not be one of those " I graduated nursing school 3 years ago and just now testing" stories..

any advice?

AlwaysLearning247, BSN

Has 6 years experience.

I would definitely try to take it before you move. It would be awful to come back in 3 years and fail the NCLEX (wasting all that time in school). Good luck!

Thanks for the advice xobritney24..

Im truly praying that my eligibity comes through soon, so that I may test before I leave..

Im going to call the boards today (for the 3rd time this week, lol)

If it doesn't come through prior to your relocation, there are two test centers in Japan, one in Tokyo and one in Osaka.