To drop or not to drop?


I got a B in Anatomy and an A in statistics. I will get a B in physiology if I finish the class (the last day to withdraw is monday). Should I drop the class in hopes of getting an A next semester or settle for a B this semester?


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How does your school and your nursing program look upon W's? I would base my decision upon this factor since the W will now show on your transcript.


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Settle for the B ... there's no guarantee you will get into nursing school with the improved grade. Besides, if you withdraw, wont you then have a 'W' grade plus the next grade if you retake (which may or may not be an A)? Get the class over with.

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Okay, both of you are right. I am worried because both of my lab partners and more than half of the class has dropped. It would be a huge waste of time to retake the class. Ill just have to work extra hard for an A in Microbiology. Thank you!