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A few yrs ago i read an article about a surgeon who was working on a new TKR procedure. Went in from behind the knee instead of the front, pts' recovery was around 6 wks or so. He may have been in CA or CO...do any of you ortho nurses know of or have experience with this?

My 2 crunchy knees would be most grateful for any info, thanks


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I assisted an orthopaedic surgeon with total joints for the past 5 years. The only mention I heard of a different (posterior) approach to TKR implied a high risk with nerve damage since the nerve runs behind your knee. Your best bet is to go with the trustworthy, dependable procedure that is being done by a total joint surgeon. Typically, patients were driving after about 10 days, and if they had an office job, returned to work after 3 weeks. Hope that helps. :o Good luck!