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I've been working as a CNA at an AL community for over a year. I enjoy-ed it...but lately... I've been feeling under appreciated from my employer, and its kind of burning me out.

I use to love going to work everyday, but recently I've been hating being there. I see the same people over and over and do the same things each shift. I kind of think I'm getting bored. Anyone else have this problem? What got you out of the funk?

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I used to work at a nursing home and I know what you mean! It was such a monotonous, routine job to me. After a year I applied to hospitals and now I work in the ED, which is very refreshing, I'm learning daily. Why don't you look for a new job?


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I have been looking for more hospital based jobs, but it seems that many places around me are hiring for night/NOC shift, which I just don't do well in. I am looking though! Constantly applying to whatever I can find.