Tips on studying microbiology

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Im finally a nursing student thank God. I've heard so many stories about how hard microbiology is to pass. Does anyone have any good study tips on micro? Thanks for the feedback in advance

I just got through with micro and ended up with a 97 average. To study, I would read the chapters that we were going to test on 2-3 times each, and make special note of stuff that didn't click right away and study my notes. Then the day before the test I would skim read back over the chapters and that seemed to do the trick for me. If you have taken A&P then you should have nothing to worry about because micro seemed easier to me. :up:

I got a 99% in Micro. It's pretty much just all wrote memorization. I used Anki for flashcards such that I could study with my laptop and phone pretty much wherever I was... at dinner, at the bar, on breaks or when it was slow at work...