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Hey all, I just got accepted into my local community colleges ADN program this fall. I finished most of my prereqs last semester, but one issue I ran into a lot is keeping my stuff organized. I have a separate folder for each class, and stapled chapter notes together and outlines, but for the most part, everything was a free for all. Tests, power points, notes, outlines, handouts, all crammed into one folder. I know index cards are useful, but I would find myself losing some chapters here and there. SOOO! Any suggestions for keeping my notes organized? Or maybe different techniques for taking notes and studying?


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I have 2 binders (one 3 inch, one 1 1/2 inch).... Within the binders I have dividers per class and then each class is tabbed according to concept. I leave the 3inch binder at home and take the smaller one with me to class, once we have an exam I put the material in the 3 inch binder. As far as taking notes I get a multi subject notebook (depending on how many classes I have) and type my notes when I get home and add the typed notes to their appropriate tab.

Hope this helps. :)