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Tips to be a stand-out OB/GYN new grad applicant

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Hi all! 

I am currently in an accelerated nursing program around the Philadelphia area. I wish (so badly) to go into OB/GYN, maternity, mother baby, women's health, etc when I graduate in July 2021. I just began my OB clinical at a great hospital and I am planning on working hard and being a standout student. 

But does anyone have any advice for a (future) new grad nurse wanting to get into OB? I heard it's competitive. I have been trying to apply for NA/tech jobs around the area and no one is hiring anything in this specialty. Should I just work in another specialty? Go through a doula certification? I have a long Winter break so I could fill it with trainings/experiences and what not to boost my application and background. 

If you got into OBGYN right out of school, what did you do? AKA HOW did you do it? Any advice would be appreciated! 

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I was able to get into mother baby/postpartum fresh out of nursing school but I was also willing to move 7 hours from where I was at the time living. I was able to land the job before I even graduated. All I had to do was ensure I had the needed certifications, and whatnot. During the interview, I just expressed my passion based on my experiences during my clinical. On my application, I had a cover letter/resume specified to OB/LD/PP. 🙂 

Some things I’ve heard suggested, get certifications necessary for the department. For example, any labor, delivery, nursery, postpartum etc position is going to require NRP - neonatal resuscitation program. Some PP departments may want your ACLS, but most won’t. They will at least want your BLS. Nursery positions may require you to get your S.T.A.B.L.E. Labor and delivery will want your ACLS, NRP, and a fetal heart monitoring course. I know a friend of mine who got into labor and delivery fresh from school only needed the intro. 

I will say, mother baby or postpartum will be easier to get into as a new grad than labor and delivery but don’t lose hope! Just keep applying. And volunteer too, if you can. That can look good as well!

Good luck!