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Tips on Pharmacology and Fundamental of Nursing


Im starting the LPN program this May and the program starts out with Pharmacology and Fundamentals the first semester. Does anyone have any tips in studying or how to do well in both classes? Are they hard?

proudauntie415, LPN, RN

Specializes in Corrections. Has 15 years experience.

First off, congrats! Fundamentals is only difficult if you have never stepped foot in the medical setting. It is very basic nursing. Learning the nursing process, etc. Just barely touching on critical thinking. Pharm is a bit more tricky. Study your math and equations!! Get help if you need, but you will do fine if you just study and utilize your instructors. Good Luck!

Sheryl, SPN

I'm in LPN school right now and I will tell you what I learned you must study 5 hours a day with a 10-15 minute break in between. Nursing school is very hard and you must be very dedicated to it.

Congratulations on your new chosen career, study well the fundamentals of nursing it is the backbone of your practice, well for pharmacology it's a bit tricky on what to remember