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Tips/Advice for a new nurse?

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Hey all,

I am a recent RPN graduate from Toronto currently looking for a nursing position (I have been registered for a month). I've been feeling discouraged as of late when thinking about when I will be able to land my first position as a nurse. I had one interview with a hospital but did not hear back from them. I was wondering if there are any interview tips out there that can help me better prepare for future interviews.

:happy: Thank you in advance!

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Hi tobeNurseDee,

I can tell you that the hospital I work at looks to see if the candidate has researched the hospital a bit. Did they look into what our mission statement is or do they know what our philosophy of care is? That kind of stuff. They also want the candidate to ask questions and do they express a willingness to learn? If you checked these boxes with your interview then maybe it's a matter of whether or not your city has more nurses coming into the work force than anything personal.

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