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time for endorsement as an RN in Kansas and time to be certified as an ARNP

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Hi Everyone,

I will be graduating from a Nurse Practitioner program in another state in about 2 weeks and am currently an RN in another state as well. I am very interested in an ARNP position in Kansas and would like to figure out how long this would take before I could actually practice as an ARNP in Kansas. Does anyone have experience with this or have an idea of how long it takes?

I have looked on the Kansas State Board of Nursing website and downloaded all the necessary forms. I have also called the board and left a message with the person in charge of endorsements, just waiting to hear back. I believe I understand the requirements I just want to hear from anyone who has experienced this and knows how long it could take me or has any tips for the process.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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