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Tidewater Community College Fall 2017


Hey everyone! I am FINALLY gettin ready to submit my nursing application! I am so excited! I was going to apply for spring 2017 but unfortunately I was missing the one and only class that could not be missing (Microbiology or chem). Finishing Micro with an A and I am so glad it's time to start studying for my HESI and get that done!

My grades are:

Bio 141: A

Bio 142: B

Bio 150: A

Eng 111: A

Eng 112: B

SDV 101: B

Psy 201: B

Ehi 226: A

Psy 235: A

I will add my HESI score once I have completed it! Any tips for the Hesi? I am very nervous! Look forward to getting to know you and go through this journey together!

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Nice! I am applying too. Going to take the Hesi A2, on January 3rd; then getting everything together ha ha. I haven't finished all my prereqs, due to the fact, I was focusing on Old dominion's at the time. Here are my grades for the classes I have taken:

CHM 121: B

BIO 141: A

BIO 150: A

ENG 111: A

PSY 230: B

All my other classes I am taking this Spring.

GPA: 3.85

I took the Hesi at Old dominion, I got an 82. However, I didn't study like I should have because I took it during the fall semester, while volunteering. I was worn out ehh. Good luck tho, you got it!

Good luck! I'm going to try and take it the week before the application has to be in! Tell me how it goes once you're done! I'm nervous! Can't wait to just get into the program and finally start!

Thanks a lot! Same too you! I took the Hesi a2 yesterday at TCC, and got and 88.29. When you take it just make sure you eat a lot, because it is 5 hours. My stomach was growling, so I rushed towards the end. It's all really simple. I actually didn't study anything besides the math. Don't be like me, I was careless at the time ha ha.

Hi fellow nursing hopefuls. So excited to finally be done with all my prerequisites! The last one I needed was Micro and Im sad to say that I received a C. I've contemplated retaking it this spring semester but decided to hold off and see if I get in ,otherwise Micro in the Summer. I plan on taking the Hesi the last week in January. Are y'all having your high school transcript sent to the school or including in your application packet?

My grades

ENG 111- A

ENG 112- A

PSY 230- A

PSY 201- A

PHI 220- A

SDV 101- A

BIO 141- B

BIO 142- A

BIO 150- C

Goodluck everyone!

You should still have a good chance! I'm taking the hesi the week before applications are due. And im sending the high school transcript with my application! :)

I would still apply! My friend applied 2 years ago, with C's in both his anatomy, but an A in everything else. Not sure what his Hesi score was, but he got in some how. Think he was wait-listed first though actually. He is a registered nurse now too. I wouldn't worry too much though, I bet a lot of people applying have a C. Not sure, if high-school transcript is required, but I think it is. Good luck tho! Study for your Hesi, you got it! I doubt I will get in because my prereqs aren't finished. So, atleast all of yours are done! However, TCC is my back up now after improving my Hesi score.

Hey MurseFuture, How many questions are on the chemistry portion? And are they hard? I never took Chem. so I am stressing about it a little bit!

I think there was about 30. I took chem, but to be honest it was really simple so I wouldn't really stress. Just make sure you understand like difference between acids and bases, and the different bonds. Understand atomi. Mass, and atomic number, and know that electrons are on the outer rings. All the basic stuff. I got a 92 on the chem section. Not sure how, but I feel the test is really simple as long as you believe in yourself, and don't think negative you'll do fine. The first time I took at odu I got 84 on Chem, didn't study 2nd time though, and got higher by a lot on every section. It was because I prayed, and didn't doubt myself LOL. So, your confidence during this test has a big affect on how you do. You'll be fine, make sure you still study though! Good luck!

How about the anatomy section? Anyou tips? Sorry I'm a horrible test taker so I'm stressing out! Haha

For the Anatomy section, I actually thought it was really hard. However, that is because when I took the test the previous 2 times at another school I kept getting a 76, and same with my friend. I prepared with a lot of the free practice test found online, not so much the "HESI A2 Elvesier" Review book everyone talks about using. That book is good for a lot of the other sections, though, especially the math. If you have taken at least A&P 1 I wouldn't even worry. You can guess a lot of the answers by the way they sound. The section for Anatomy is about 30 questions, though, so you will either know it, or you won't know it. So, it'll go by pretty quickly, then reveals your results afterward. If you start to stress, it's going to mess up your entire thinking process. Just make sure you go into the testing center confident! Go in there like "I'm smart as heck! This test is so easy!" Haha, but don't rush. You can easily know the answer and click the wrong choice. You are not allowed to go back to change your answers on this test.

Any topics of anatomy that I should focus studying on? I took A&P 1 and 2. But I feel like I forgot all of the minor details! I don't want to over study but don't want to under study either! I was told hormones is a big area of the test which I'm horrible with! Thank you again so much for your help!!

Hi! I just took my HESI today. Glad to have that out of the way! I'm submitting my application this week. For pre-reqs, I've only completed ENG 111 & ENG 112, BIO 150, and PSY 201 (all A's). I'm in Bio 141 now and also taking PHI 220 and Child Psych this semester. I won't have BIO 142 taken until this summer. So on my application I'll only have half of the pre-reqs done to count toward points. Hoping everything else is strong enough to make up for the lack of having them all already completed... I'm really excited for this adventure :)

Good grades! How did you do on your hesi? Any tips? Taking mine the 14th!

I made a 94 on my HESI. I used the study book from the company that makes the test (bought it on Amazon). I also used the PocketPrep app (there are probably 100 free questions - $15 to upgrade app to 1000 questions). Definitely eat really good before your test! I took about 3.5 hours to complete my test. You do not want to be worried about being hungry while taking the exam. The math is simple math: fractions, decimals, a lot of ratios, conversions. The biology section was really broad, basic biology processes and functions. I actually found the critical thinking part to be the most difficult. It doesn't play into your overall score, but it is scored. I don't know if they take that score into any account when they are going through applications. I had the game plan of doing the section that was hardest for me first. So I did the reading comprehension right out of the box. That way my mind was the freshest. I alternated from difficult to easy to kind of give my brain some catch up time in between sections.

At the nursing seminar they said the hesi score is highly considered along with gpa and grades when going through the the applications. But i dont know about the critical thinking section. I'm mostly worried about the chemistry, and biology sections! Im stressing about it. I'm not a good test taker lol

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Well you have plenty of time to take the test. So I wouldn't worry about timing. The chemistry was over basic chemistry concepts and biochemistry (types of bonds, subatomic particles, acids/bases, types of energy & units of energy). I haven't had chemistry since high school chemistry (almost 15 years ago) and I ended up with a 92 in that section. I would definitely freshen up on that section with either the book or the app. If nothing else, it will make you a little more comfortable when you get to the test. I'm sure you'll do better than you're giving yourself credit for right now :) I was super stressed before too and it was simpler (and easier) than I was anticipating.